Day 7 Power Workout

Its day 7 of the Self Challenge So you know I had to drop a full routine! I’m sick with a horrible ulcer and a fibromyalgia flare up but I’m fighting through it. Using my inner powers to show this disease who is boss.!! Today is all about power! Tag me in your videos and…

Tummy Tight

It’s hard for me at times to keep my stomach flat. Not just because I love to eat, but because I battle with health issues. Having fibromyalgia and other chronic health issues has taught me many things but most importantly, that they are all centered around the same things, my diet, exercise and mindset. In…

30 day MADNESS Mad FYNE EDITION day 17

Discipline Without discipline we are reckless. Reckless in thought, actions, and day to day life. We must train ourselves to stay focused, determined and uplifting to ourselves and those around us. Discipline brings growth and results. F: 1. Inch worm (5 x 25) 2. Tricep dips (5 x 15) 3. Lateral plank walks ( 5…

One week Postpartum

One week 4 days #postpartum!! Current Weight 140. Goal: Toning and getting rid of the loose fat/skin. Join my Mad FYNE journey! Stay tuned for workouts, remedies and motivation 💕💯

FYNE Sunday

Fighting this flare up with positive energy and a Mad FYNE pregnant 🤰 workout!!! Join me for my next session on Tuesday! ❤️🔥 #noeffortchallenge #pregnantworkout #30weekpregnant😇🤗 #striveToBeTheBest #madfynecoaching #madFyneFitness #smileToday #sundayVibes