30 day Madness day 5

The CLEANSE DONT bring the troubles or heartache of last week into this new week. Cleanse yourself and your surroundings of impurities, negative energy and distractions. ⁃ FITNESS: low intensity cardio or aerobics ⁃ YOGA – you must hold each pose for at least 10-15 breaths for the best results. Breath in the nose and…

One week Postpartum

One week 4 days #postpartum!! Current Weight 140. Goal: Toning and getting rid of the loose fat/skin. Join my Mad FYNE journey! Stay tuned for workouts, remedies and motivation 💕💯

Fitness ball Workout

25 weeks and still got it! Workout ball exercise great for your legs, balance & butt! Let’s get it! Drop your links of you working out to be featured on my blog: thehealnexperience.wordpress.com and IG page : madFyneAuthor Contact me for a session! LynnMontanna@outlook.com or text madFynefitness to 734-413-7733