We know you could and would, we are so proud of you Naomi Osaka! You worked hard, played hard and stood up for black lives all at the same time. Continue to be all you can be young lady, we are proud of you and appreciate your hard work.

Day 2 | Keep the Momentum

As we continue our healn journey I want you to track your progress, keep and open mind and don’t forget to thank yourself and the universe for its offerings. It’s day two and we are moving our bodies and getting that heart rate up. As you see I edit the workout a little. I had…

Purple Blast Smoothie

This beautiful purple smoothie not only gave me energy but it also boosted my appetite which I hoped it would. My weight gain continues as I play around with measurements and ingredients. As all our goals may be different, results are our common goal. This meal replacement smoothie can be eaten alone for its original…

Elevate Your Life | Wise Up Wednesday | Wildfire awareness

Everyday you strive to be your best you become your best, so why not get going today. I know the world is literally on fire. But as we pray for better days, our best is needed. Needed to fight the battle of racism, wildfire, corruption and a deadly virus. I don’t care if you didn’t…

Go Harder | Today is the day

Let the rain wash away your fears and let today be the day you do better than yesterday. Today you work our hard, today you will block negative thoughts, today you will take that leap of faith. Today is the day. I hope you all have a great day.

It’s a Virgo day

I started the day with an amazing bath! This amazing gift a received not only settled my mind but also body. Today is my birthday, a Virgo experience. I wrote out my goals, stretched and made my morning coffee.  I watered my plants, and even washed a few loads of clothes. Just because it’s…

Staying Organized | Finding The Time

I think the biggest things we all struggle with when it comes to our goals are Lack of organization Lack of time Lack of confidence even I lack in many of these areas. Some weeks I’m the greatest blogger, activist and healing in the metro area. Another week it’s as if I’ve lost my way….

Mindfulness breathing

Breath Unites the body and mind. Opening the gates to wisdom. To know your mind clearer allows you to obtain results more quickly. TGIF everyone, be safe, be well, be healed, be you

Wednesday Wisdom | Featured Item | MidWeek Meal Preparation

“Don’t give up on your dreams” Though a lot is going on the world, you matter, your dreams matter and your healing process matters. Don’t give up. Time is something we all could use a little more of. But to gain more time in the end you need to spend some time in the beginning….

Tuesday Tip | Put the Phone Down and Change the Conversation

Don’t let media and what’s going on in the world distract or discourage you from your goals…. we are in a weird time where government, media and a virus is all we talk about… let’s change the narrative. Im not saying we are being brain washed but I am saying I think we need to…