Power in these words

Sometimes social media reveals some of the most powerful messages, thoughts, and points of logic that are astonishing.  Check this out:  Power in words

Bosses Love Monday’s

Everyday is an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted or taken for granted. Ask yourself, what are you doing with your time, are you putting out the right energy to reach your goals and desires. — Lynn Montanna happy Monday!

Boss Goals

As you leave church, and or finish cleaning your home or just spending time with your family, what are your goals for the week. Going into the week “blind” leads to minimal results for your goals. Setting a plan gives you something to work towards, and accomplishing it not only brings a sense of determination…

Boss Meals

Salmon, Greens & Rice A great meal for any night of the week. Quick, healthy and delicious dinner to sit around with your friends, family and or a quiet evening with yourself. While sharing laughs you are boosting your heart health, immune system, getting a good source of protein, reducing heart disease and much more….

Boss Self

Being you and staying you should be the easiest task of the day. Forget the mask, forget those who try to make you feel worthless and be the best you. The first step in being a boss is knowing yourself and never changing up. Your good should outweigh your bad. Your greatness should be your…