About Us

The HealxExperience is a life style and program focusing on harmonizing,easing,aligning and longevityEvery session, tip, post, video and more is made to help you accomplish your goals and dreams. Every desire starts with the same foundation, you. You must be willing to become your best to succeed at any task. A centered mind, healthy body, and positive energy will make any goal obtainable.

The Healn Experience is more than just workouts and healthy food but the real us, real people, our trials, real stories, clothing, alternative healing methods and most importantly loving self.

This experience and more is brought to you by Jasmine Lynn; Health and Fitness coach, Chakra and People Certified. She is daily working her healing licenses while sharing what she learns and experiences through everyday life. Lynn daily battles with the same things many of us do, fibromyalgia, joint pain, acid reflex, the daily confusion and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the go. Join us, join the healn experience. Leave a message below to join our email list, and more