Thrive and Stir Fry Thursday

Finish the day strong with positive energy, healthy habits and determination. Skip the caffeine and use maca root powder, skip the chips and do some push ups, and ship complaining and try meditation. Every thing negative or damaging has a positive force that can alter its way. Try it today.

Speaking of trying things, here is a quick chicken and pineapple stir fry that I did.

Cut up your veggies, pineapple, and cut chicken into strips (I marinate mine in oyster sauce). I used broccoli so I pre-steamed and seasoned that as well

Cook the chicken in a hot wok, add onions and other veggies depending on your preferences of tenderness.

You can pair it with a side of rice as well if you are looking for starch/carbs, on a stricter regimen avoid the starch, love the veggies.

Remember you are great, you are positive and you are worth the effort. Good day

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