Stay Focused, Stay Determined it’s Monday

It’s Monday, 70 degrees here in the city. How you feeling? After a long weekend, getting back in the swing of things can be hard, but you can do it because you are smart, determined and present in all you do.

Being present is apart of being mindful, ways to practice mindfulness are easy, try this today. Wash the dishes, think only about washing the dishes, be present in the moment and be with the water, the soap, the plates and spoons. Control your thoughts and breathing. Try not to be distracted by anything else. if you must stop your mindful to stir a pot, or to cater to family; transition by saying to self I am present and moving to a new task but I will be back to complete this one.

Always come back and get back into your mindfulness.

Today make a list of your week goals, and what you desire for April. When we prepare we accelerate.

Have a good day.

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