Fuel up | Find what works for You

About 743 calories

Meals that are easy to eat but calorie packed are apart of my healthy eating journey for weight gain. Some sort of combo of food fat, a little sweetness and protein for fuel. I try to repeat this meal once more while including my other meals and exercise. Weight gain is just as hard as losing. The first part of any journey is finding what works for you.

I am very active so I burn a lot of calories, so I must consume more calories than I burn. How I found that out Is for about a week I did the following

  • Tracked what I ate, calculated the average calories consumed
  • Tracked my activity using the health app on my phone

If you see you are burning more calories than you eat and your goal is to gain, you need to add more. If your consuming more calories than you burn and your goal is to loss, then you need to cut back or add more activity to your life and or both. Again learn you body to see what works and keep track.

I’ll drop my daily yoga, March fitness challenge and more workouts today. Stay healthy and mindful.

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