So it’s Sunday | Stone guide for your Home 🏡

Sunday has had it’s beautiful presence again. Though tomorrow we must head back to work, live in today. Embrace the moments and time you have. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring but we can know we have done all we can. Walk today with your head held high and stones close.

Placing stones in their proper place around your home and body heighten their abilities. Don’t just have crystals and stones, use them, clean them and charge them.

Here are some ideas :

jade at the front door for inviting wealth and good luck. Also try Black tourmaline for protection

Rose quartz for love, joy, and romance. Also try amethyst for sleep trouble.

Carnelian I the kitchen for uplifting, energy, and creativity. Celestite can be used for health and well being.

selenite in the living room for cleansing, amber

Clear quartz in the bathroom to clear your skin and energy.

Some other helpful stones and crystals

  • Shungite stone can be placed next to electronics for Balance and to purify those harmful rays
  • Place amethyst anywhere for focus, so when your meditating, working on a project pull out that amethyst.
  • Place black tourmaline in the corners or any room bring cleansing, blocking negative energy and direction.

I hope those stones and ideas bring your home and family protection, prosperity, and happiness. Happy Sunday.

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