Back to Work | Big Energy Sunday

I truly hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. The past two weeks have been full of joy, prosperity, optimism and much more. We have a cute dusting of snow to welcome the new year and so much to look forward to.

Invest in self and watch it multiply. You are your best investment, read over your goals, write how your going to achieve them and go after it. Fuel your body with a good breakfast, I made my new Sunday special waffles 🧇 a family recipe

Fuel your mind with a good read, don’t forget to read to your kids as well, great family time and learning time in one.

Fuel your body with a stretch and workout

Here are some stretches you can do before and after your workouts. I know to many people pulling muscles due to

  • Not stretching
  • Poor diet
  • Not drinking enough water

New year workout

3 sets of 15

  • Tilted push-ups
  • Hip raises
  • Leg raises with bands
  • Wide chest press with weights
  • Planks 1 min hold

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