Mental health | Know when to reevaluate Relationships

Mental health in relationships (in all forms) is very important. Knowing realizing your own triggers and or realizing if you are positive or negative with a certain being/energy is vital to your health.

Energy plays a major part in health, negative energy will result in negative thoughts, actions, and habits. If not realized and altered, the downward spiral can be life threatening.

In all relationships

  • Know your limit
  • Stick to your limit
  • Speak your truth while being humble and loyal

In doing this you will operate in higher self more often, love easily and be loved. When you are positive you will attract more positive

But beware you will also attract those trying to steal your energy. Weather that be a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, friend, relative, coworker, THE PAST (a big one that likes to sneak up and kick us when we are feeling good) social media (the internet devil, while social media is helpful and keeps us connected please don’t feed into the feed! Turn off your phone if you feel yourself catering to social media); all of these people can and possibly will try to disrupt your energy. You must know when you are triggered to be negative or out of your mindfulness and quickly gain control.

  • Walk away
  • Get away
  • Run away
  • Block and don’t turn back
  • Set boundaries and stick to them
  • Call someone you trust
  • Meditate
  • Go workout
  • Eat something light
  • Therapy with it without the other parties

All of these alternatives and more to chaotic situations can be the solution you were looking for. Today better your relationship with self by being self with others.

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