100! | Give Away | Click to Join

The Healn experience is just a 2 followers away from the big 100!

In honor of our long journey together, I will be doing a giveaway if we can reach 100 followers before the end of week ( Sunday October 18th).

If we reach our goal two lucky people will win a gift box of healing goodies. The winner will be selected Sunday afternoon.


  • Must be following the healnexperience.com and or apart of the healn experience text group chat. (To join the group chat send an email to holisticandfit@icloud.com)
  • Must be in the US (just for easier shipping I’m not good with international yet but if you know a way please let me know)
  • Must be looking to be heal’d (aren’t we all lol)
  • Must be willing to give a valid address for delivery (im not a stalker, I just want to make sure you get your items)

As you see the rules are easy! Follow and or join the chat to gain your entry.

I will put you all in a hat and pull two names and drop them Sunday! In the mean time…. don’t forget to center yourself, workout, eat right and follow thehealnexperience.com – happy healn.

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