It’s more than just Genetics

I have been talking to people lately especially women looking to alter their weight, and or mindset. We all have a few thing in common, the biggest is emotion. We all don’t realize how big of a part emotion plays in our journey to success in anything.

If your not happy with your weight. One big thing for you is finding alternatives other than food (if it is food healthier choices) to keep motivated. The thing is to not mask our feelings but to conquer them if that makes sense.

If your feeling upset, mad or whatever don’t result to eating chips, throwing things, going to sleep or even my favorite Mary Jane… instead, eat carrots, go for a walk, Or read a book. Do something productive. Not counter active. When ur mind and body is in a depressed or disstressed state it panics and will Absorb whatever you put in it. So you need to make sure it’s good. To over come the bad.

Good is not just food, please people understand that. Diet and exercise mean nothing until you get to the right mind set. I think doing that will help you get to your goal faster because people don’t realize emotion plays just a big part in weight loss or gain genetics does.

No diet, no regimen, no nothing will work in till you realize your emotional, physical and genetic all in one.

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