Sunday – you are what you eat

Happy Monday and grand rising to everyone. Health check… Did you meditate? Did you drink water & eat? Did you stretch? Yes it’s Sunday. A day for relaxing and mindfulness. Drop a scoop of collagen in your coffee and meditate. Fuel your body with good things ( though I know I’m cheating with my coffee)….


The winners of the healn giveaway are @mireya and @valreeshelly Please message me so I can start getting toot prize shipped. Thank you for all your support! More coming daily.

Relax / Release / ReVamp

Saturday and Sunday are days for RRR! Things may not always be perfect but when Saturday arrives it just about is. Time to put in your favorite robe, brew your favorite coffee and or tea, water your plant babies and meditate. Today you don’t have to move fast, but with good thoughts, mindfulness and strategically….

Ginger everything | healing Your Gut

Ginger is my food best friend. This root gem is fragrant, has a warming spicy note and packed with gut healing properties that make it great for all diets. Not feeling well, need a boost or need a kick; ginger should be your go to. I like to peel mine with a spoon, makes things…

100! | Give Away | Click to Join

The Healn experience is just a 2 followers away from the big 100! In honor of our long journey together, I will be doing a giveaway if we can reach 100 followers before the end of week ( Sunday October 18th). If we reach our goal two lucky people will win a gift box of…

I see Mars

Namaste 🙏 Mars is visible and will be at its brightest , you should be able to see it now into tonight. Find it and say an positive Affirmation to manifest self, your goals and third eye the Healn experience loves you

Monday Medicine| Do You

Let’s be bold today and not care what others think and do the things we love, enjoy and put a smile on our face. (Without causing harm to yourself or others obviously). The sky is the limit and limitless. Stop making excuses, stop being sad and do YOU. One of the best ways to be…

Finding Motivation

I don’t know about you but motivation seems to be scares. I love my daughter and I love being a mom but to be more than that lately has been hard to find. Though being and doing just those things are great and to ask more would be a lot but as i know my…

Evening workout | Thrive Thursday

Like I’ve said times before, how you end is just as important as you start. Regardless of the goal an evening workout and our stretch is good for the body and soul. If your goal is to gain or loss a nice evening workout can be what separates you from the weak minded. Push through…

Motive Monday

Namaste my beautiful people. As you rise, stretch and gain your energy today think about the motive. What’s the motive today? To not get mad at the small things, to finish reading that book, whatever it is manifest it into reality. What’s your motive today?