Indulge today | Sinful Cinnamon Rolls

I wanted something sweet and getting tired of always making cookies. I had flour, brown sugar and time so I made cinnamon rolls.

Let me tell you this, you need a little patience for this task but it was definitely worth it in the end.

First I made my dough, the recipe I followed was from JoyFoodSunshine (with a few adjustments here and there for my taste, and cooking atmosphere)

I then let it rest (note, I let mine rest longer than an hour but that’s a personal preference and knowledge)

I then mixed up my brown sugar and cinnamon and rolled up the dough

I then let them proof again for about 30 min.

I then baked them for about 15/20 min. While that happening I made my icing. I just made a simple cream cheese and powder sugar frosting but you can use orange flavoring and coloring for Halloween, and other occasions.

Pour it over as soon as they come out. (Don’t be like me and pour so much unless your down for it)

Then enjoy 😉

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