My zen Area | Finding Peace | Fight Covid with Green Tea

When it’s been a long day like today, when the world has been tugging on my emotions, trying to get a reaction; I run to my zen area. Sometimes I light a candle or inscent, turn on some zen music and or do yoga.

Mindfulness, peace and positive thinking should become you. It takes time but soon you will be able to think clearer, make better decisions. Know yourself, know your triggers, know what brings you peace and learn to react with mindfulness of the possible outcome if all decisions picking the best. Over time you will learn to do this faster and more keen. Meditation will guide you.

This space is scared to me. Keeping it tidy is important as well as keeping the plants babies happy.

Benefits of downward dog:

  • Calmness
  • Energy
  • Strength arms and hips

Word on the street! I know we have Been hearing a lot of news about Covid and what can protect us during this horrible pandemic.

Just in green tea can heal, but I think we already knew that.

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