New Plant 🌱 Babies | Mindful Monday

When I’m feeling down, unfocused and or depressed I go buy more plants. Bring mindful of what brings me joy during hard times is key. Things aren’t going hoe I would like then to, but I’m remaining centered.

Adding to the many plant babies I already have is ok, I have the room. All these plant like humidity and living in Michigan right now I have plenty of that.

First : Corn plant

  • Species : dragon plant
  • Good fortune plant
  • Good indoors

Second : Rubber plant

  • Warm environment
  • Great indoors
  • Promoted memories, friendliness and kindness

Third : Golden Pothos NOTE – pretty but toxic

  • Cleans the air
  • Symbolizes happiness
  • Easy to maintain

Today is Monday, what do you have planned? How will you reach new heights today? I’ll be dropping a quick strength yoga video and more today. Happy healing.

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