Mindfulness breathing

Breath Unites the body and mind. Opening the gates to wisdom. To know your mind clearer allows you to obtain results more quickly. TGIF everyone, be safe, be well, be healed, be you

Wednesday Wisdom | Featured Item | MidWeek Meal Preparation

“Don’t give up on your dreams” Though a lot is going on the world, you matter, your dreams matter and your healing process matters. Don’t give up. Time is something we all could use a little more of. But to gain more time in the end you need to spend some time in the beginning….

Tuesday Tip | Put the Phone Down and Change the Conversation

Don’t let media and what’s going on in the world distract or discourage you from your goals…. we are in a weird time where government, media and a virus is all we talk about… let’s change the narrative. Im not saying we are being brain washed but I am saying I think we need to…

Virgo Power | Feeling Creative

It’s officially Virgo season and as a Virgo myself I can’t help but to feel powerful, motivated and accepting to the universe. Today’s grocery hall was lite, and essential only. But I did get some art supplies to feed our creativity over the hot weekend. I will only focus on higher self, mindfulness and being…

Stop & Restart| Power Packed Lunch |

I don’t know if it’s the pandemic or maybe I’m just more mindful of my surroundings but domestic violence, arguments and negativity have been prospering strong. I could hear my neighbors at 7:30 am arguing, why? It’s not only to early but also a horrible way to start the day. I know what your saying…

TGIS | 3 Day Cleanse

I don’t know about you but I thank God for Saturday’s too. A day to sleep in, get a few things done that you normally don’t, and work on projects. I finally finished my daily task list, making things like blogging, writing and reading a daily activity even if it’s just dedicating 30min for each…

It’s ok to fall short sometimes, it’s Not ok to Give up

I think it’s safe to say there will come a time were we fall short of our goals, big or small. We will forget to take a vitamin, forget to workout and or just not feel like it. Knowing that doesn’t mean accept that, nor does it mean aim low; it means don’t give up….

Nothing fancy but it’s from the Heart | Lunch Time

I make my daughters lunch everyday since the day I had to go back to work. I wake up early every morning and make her something she knows is made with love. I’m sure daycare and the sitters food is just fine and healthy but mommy knows what the princess loves. Plus I like put…

My zen Area | Finding Peace | Fight Covid with Green Tea

When it’s been a long day like today, when the world has been tugging on my emotions, trying to get a reaction; I run to my zen area. Sometimes I light a candle or inscent, turn on some zen music and or do yoga. Mindfulness, peace and positive thinking should become you. It takes time…

Smashing Strawberry Smoothie

You know I love my smoothies, they are a great way to back everything in, in a tasty way. This smoothie is made with Frozen strawberries Fresh strawberries Frozen Pineapples Protein Almond milk Collagen powder Try it and tell me what you think. ❤️