We will not Stop or Forget | Change Must happen Now

Though the media is not showing it, we are still fighting for our rights. Though they want us to forget, we will not. Thought they want us to give up, we will not. As we continue to see innocent lives taken, as we see police brutality heighten, we must be hopeful. I know it’s hard as our African American ancestries were killed for fighting for what was suppose to be given to all. The right to breath!

When will I feel safe, when I feel like my daughter is safe to go out and play, when will we be seen as people, with equal right and equal opportunity. When will we be able to breath

Say their names, remember their faces.

Now let’s fight until there isn’t another case like it. Let’s fight until things are right, let’s fight until the see we are playing their game anymore. Let’s fight until #blacklivesMatter

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