Make your own Products | the Power in Creating

Did you know creating is one of the most power ways to heal. Mental therapy is just as important as physical therapy, fight battles with creativity. Cooking and making my own products is how I heal. I try to cook a fresh meal daily to express myself, along with meditation, yoga, home workouts, and writing….

It’s Saturday

We all go there a period where we evolve. Evolve into the person we have been desiring to become. This process takes time and is a battle that is worth the fight. Welcome in the new moon and evolve into your greatness

Adjusting | Worryless

We are all trying to get use to new life; a lot has changed, some that should have been happening, others new and uncomfortable but finding the medium and being smart during this time is essential. Who likes crowds anyway, why not enjoy a walk, read a book, meditate, elevate and maybe even forgive. Adjusting…