New Products Coming Soon | Healing Bath

Last night was a great night, some of our new products came in and you know I had to try them out to make sure they were perfect for you.

I cleaned and charged my clear quartz, this is one of if not the most powerful stones and combined a few holistic products to create this healing bath.

In the water is

  • milk
  • honey
  • almond oil – moisturizer and prevent stretch marks
  • red gomphrena globosa – enhance skins defense
  • purple gomphrena – represents immortality
  • rose buds – soften skin (I’ll also be using these for a great tea and cream)

In the air (aromatherapy)

  • Orange – great offering and anti depressant
  • Cedar wood – relaxation, calmness

Baths such as these aide in aligning the universe with your desires. While in the bath deep breathing and calm meditation music is essential. Today I used Jhene Aiko to clear my mind and spirit; her voice is angelic and she caters her music to healing.

This bath is great for

  • Repairing your skin
  • Releasing negative energy
  • Bringing positive vibes and desires
  • Pushing out toxins
  • Prosperity
  • Relieve depression

I can not wait to release these products along with many others. Stay tuned in.

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