Hot Glue Time |Family Fun

I love arts and crafts, I have a box filled with yarn, buttons, paper, fabric and more to do little projects. Well we received a amazon delivery and like all kids the box was more fun.

With that in mind, mommy has an idea why not make a castle. So I pulled out our supplies and got to work.

By this point I’ve cut and burnt my fingers a few times but hey we are almost there

Now my daughter is 2 and learning her colors and things so I made it multiple colors and I’ll be adding the names of the colors to help with spelling and recognizing the colors

Almost finished, this took us about 45 mins, you can use boxes to make anything from games to castles, all you need is some imagination, glue and a few boxes.

Enjoy hours of fun with your little one! Being stuck in the house doesn’t have to be boring, get creative this evening and share your artistic abilities with us.

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