We are live| Stop the Negativity | Snack Bar

The Healn Experience is official up and running and live on WordPress. I want to thank everyone for being patient, following me and engaging this far; there is much more to come. But I wanted to say thank you, thank you for your support, love and follow. I do hope in some way We have healed or began to heal inside and out. Thank you 😊

I’m big on snacks, I try to keep most of my snacks healthy with a dash of spicy and salty. Here are a few of my favorite selections currently on sale at Kroger (one of my favorite grocery stores)

Fresh fruit is also on sale right now, from black berries to strawberries, grab some and make a quick fruit salad for your self and the family.

Did you know that blackberries have the power not only to better your health but also remove negativity. I personally love being inside but I know for many it’s hard, but going about this negativity will only bring negativity. This is a time to heal ourselves and our planet, a virus as taken over the world, I think our future is more important than one summer. Think about it, be smart, be safe and remember you are amazing.

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