Rise and Shine | InVest in self | Follow your Passion

Today is a great day to start. Start moving, start doing, and start working on what gives you life. Your passions should be the reason why you stay up late and work long hours.

Question: have you made your goals apart of your list of daily responsibilities?

If the answer is no, why haven’t you started. Better yet, why not start now?

Schedules are my thing. I’ll soon add sticky notes and things as time progresses, but whatever keeps you organized. I have a separate planner for bill amounts and dates, blog post ideas and etc. to aide in financial goals and more. Envelopes are good for financial planning (trips, new car, business); write the amount and goal on the front and fill them up.

Raisin Bran and bananas

today is a day to start, make sure you eat, do your yoga and stay positive. You are your best investment, prove it.

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