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Join me in my kitchen for some home cooking. Lasagna spinach Alfredo roll ups. Like yesterday this post will constantly update. Don’t forget to chat with me in my group chat, just drop your iMessage names. 😊

The sauce, a quick Alfredo sauce (don’t be afraid of the canned stuffed. I did.) add some extra milk, garlic, butter, salt add pepper and let it reduce. BAMMMMMM


While that’s reducing get you done onion and garlic and let that caramelize.

You want to check and stir every once in a while for even color. Hear your once to 350 degrees. 😊

Take your big pot out and bring enough water to a boil for your lasagna noodles, I have 6 cups and 8 noodles. I have a two year old so I’m making some elbow macaroni for her 🥰. Check your onions as well.

In a bowl mix your ricotta cheese, egg, pepper and salt. Set aside

Drain spinach (broccoli works as well). You your vegetable very dry, you don’t want watery Alfredo. Check your sauce and onions.


    taller post work better for lasagna noodles, if you don’t have one be carful to not break your pasta, let it slowly get soft on its own and ease its self into the pot.
    Picky eaters, make a separate pot
    Make a few extra noodles because your never know in the cooking world. Pasta breaks, trust me.
    Colanders are your best friend

  • Check your Onions. Turn off your Sauce.
  • Add your veggie to your onions and mix
  • Now your cooking 🥘 ❤️
  • Grease your pans, take out your parm cheese and ricotta mix.
  • While my mix cooled, I started on my daughters food.
  • Looks good already. For the kids, To their pasta add your ricotta, Parmesan cheese, cheddar if you like.
  • Add your spinach and onion mix to your ricotta, mix, add your Parmesan cheese.
  • Lay out your pasta on a pan and add an layer of the mix to each. It’s a process I know but it’s worth it.
  • Ti: don’t forget to add a little of your Alfredo sauce to your mix before topping the pasta.
  • Look at that. You did that, now keep going ❤️
  • Time to dress them up.
  • Get them nice and coated in the sauce, add your cheese and foil and place in oven. This is a good time for clean up and to check your kids food it should be about done.
  • You have about 20 min to spare. Make some garlic bread. Then in about 10 min Turn up your oven to 425 to get a good crust on top of your pasta (remove the bread first), set your table, finish any dishes.
  • The finished product. Tag me in your pics. Have a great evening.
  • Author: The Healn’ Experience

    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

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