No TV, No Juice After 7 | Water 💦

I am becoming more mindful of me and my family’s time and the things We intake. Juice and tv are easy things to start with as the little ones get older and the adults get wiser.

Juice can lead to unhealthy meal choices, teeth problems, weight gain and health issues. Tv time can be turned into time for goals, family, workouts, and getting ready for the next day.

Today me and my daughter worked out, read a book, I wrote a page in my journal and cleaned up. I chose 7pm for many reasons but you can choose what fits your home best.

I told myself I have to get better at me, and the first steps are mindfulness and small changes.

We are lovers of chocolate, ice cream, and southern meals because of that I want to ensure we are exercising, drinking water and being mindful.

Adding lemon to your water helps your skin, digestion, kidney function and stones, and more.

P.S: I hope everyone had a great day. I know there is a lot going on in the world and country but I pray the world heals and it starts with self. We are holistic and FYNE 😉

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