‪”The government can tell me I can’t have an abortion but can decide when to take our children away from us.”

‪I usually don’t post my opinion on here but I never understand why the government gets involved when it comes to the life and death of someone else’s unborn child or child with a medical condition.

Tinslee is on life support, my thing is if her parents want to work for the rest of their life to keep their child, why not. In all reality you are doing the same thing; working to provide for your child; just your child you can hold, touch and play with.

Why does the government get involved when it comes to telling me I can’t get an abortion and in the same breath say remove that child from life support. I get it beds, resources but when does your insurance say ok you’ve had diabetes for 15 years I’m going to stop giving you meds.

But that’s just me…


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