Motive Monday | Meal Prep | Flipping Bad Habits

Time goes by fast when you have work, a family, school, and more each day to take care of. Meal prep the night before not only saves times in the morning but guarantees you have food for the new day.

Quick snacks like sliced carrots and celery, yogurt, oatmeal, nuts, wraps, or even Whst you had for dinner last night. Pack it up nicely in containers and or ziplock bags and store in a safe refrigerated place for the next few days. (I like to plan two days at a time for freshness and to switch it up)

My big downfalls in my journey are

  • Lack of Sleep
  • Not Eating 4-5 meals a day
  • Lack Consistency
  • Time management

Knowing these things has made me aware and forced me to make adjustments. If I want to feel better I must do better. Meal prepping is my new good habit this week along with a few others.

I have pulled out the planner, set goals, and I am looking forward to good change and results. What about you? What are your weak points in your journey, how do you plan to fix them?

It’s mindful Monday, which means all your actions should have purpose.

Let’s stay motivated through out the week, let’s be mindful of our food choices and let’s gain control of your lives.

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