Today’s Question | Product of our Music

Many people have asked me my views on religion and how music, culture and people have played a hand in its lack of respect.

Do you believe music has played a hand in disrespecting the things we once valued? Have you ever thought about the things you listen to? Music has the power to alter our mood and behavior; it’s a fact that music has been used since the beginning of time to heal, give thanks and much.

I find many people saying “well you have to be bigger than the words” or “I just listen to the beat” but ask yourself. When your being bigger than the words, and just vining to the beat; don’t you still feel. Your soul, your mind, your body does something to the music.

Now think if you listened to gospel, jazz, soulful music. What affect does that have on your mind, body and soul. I challenge you today to branch out and be mindful of your ears. Listen to things that are productive, joyful and relaxing; see how your body responds.

Below is a link to a YouTube video I found interesting pertaining to music, culture and its affects. I hope you take a listen.


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