Are You Thirsty Thursday | Hydration Challenge | I challenge You Today

Our bodies are mainly water, because of this staying hydrated is key. Fruit juices and smoothies are great but water can’t be replaced or topped. 8 glasses a day is the goal and the challenge today is to only to consume water. Yes that means with all meals, snacks and instead of coffee, WATER!

Water resources are low, so while your drinking your water today be appreciative of your resources. Understand we are lacking clean water, us, animals, plants; we all survive off of water.

When your done with your bottle, please recycle or reuse it.



If your able to donate, please do at your local water bank, charity and or Red Cross. Please be aware of your surroundings and the environment. Even a simple post about water can be a step closer to clean water and water for everyone.

I challenge you today to only drink water. Will you?

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