Vitamin Power

Every morning I look in my vitamin cabinet and grab my essentials: Probiotics Biotin Vitamin C Potassium Keeping my body moving and flare ups at bay I swallow them down with my home made holistic ginger lemon and honey drink for morning nausea and upset stomach. Knowing your problem areas and adding things like supplements,…

Body Aches + Life Aches = Positive Energy

When life hits hard, hit it harder with POSITIVE ENERGY! I know what your saying, Lynn I’m tired, Lynn I don’t have the energy; but you think you don’t have the energy. If you reading this post you have the energy, if your on your phone you have the energy, now let’s use that energy….

Sunday Tip | Eat For The Goal

If your goal is to gain weight, don’t drink 30 minutes before a meal to increase your calorie intake… looking to loss weight… Try a low fat smoothie before a meal, to lower your calorie intake. See you don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat for the goal.

Important meal

Never miss breakfast 🥞 Breakfast starts your day, missing it not only starves your body but it makes your body sluggish and feed on itself. Even if it’s just fruit and yogurt, give your body something nutritious, packed with fiber and energy. Happy Thursday, have a great day

CheckList Gone Wrong | Grab a journal

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I stayed optimistic about the work day, weather and the commute; in doing so me and daughter are about ready for bed. I prepared a journal entry for today Though not all complete you get the point. But I’ll admit it’s to long, and a little unorganized. That caused…


I just wanted to tell everyone GOOD MORNING. You are beautiful, you are appreciated, you are capable and you will make it. Today is a brighter day. This week will focus on goal setting, staying focused, journaling and working out. Let’s make our fast paced life work for us.