Body Aches + Life Aches = Positive Energy

When life hits hard, hit it harder with POSITIVE ENERGY! I know what your saying, Lynn I’m tired, Lynn I don’t have the energy; but you think you don’t have the energy.

If you reading this post you have the energy, if your on your phone you have the energy, now let’s use that energy.


– 10 push ups

– 15 squats

– 10 suicides

Repeat 3 times, feel your energy moving though your body. Use that energy to defeat what’s holding you back.


After every workout I meditate, no matter how light or heavy the day is meditation centers the back to its natural, holistic state.

With your legs crossed, hands laying palms up on your knees, relax your neck and breath in deep and release through your mouth. Blow out the negative energy.

Repeat for 10 minutes.

During this time you should focusing on self, how you are better that the pain trying to defeat you. Regardless if it is physical or mental you are stronger than the aches and pain.

Let’s over come this together.

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