Delectable Dip | Trying A New Recipe

The weekends are a great time to try out new recipes, diets and foods. I go to my local vegetable market and go exploring with my family to see what we will try new this week. After roaming the isles and picking up various things; we decided upon potstickers. The summer is all about quick,…

Time to Get Fit | It’s Saturday |Summer Snacks

It’s a beautiful day why not spend it working out, outside. Turn on some music, grab your yoga mat and get fit in the sun! Don’t let the possible rain this weekend stop you from enjoying yourself and your family. Quick snacks like pretzels, teddy grahams, dry cereal, strawberries, blueberries and more are great snacks…

Mushrooms and Zucchini |

Though I am back eating meat, I love my veggies. Mushrooms and zucchini on pasta is a great lunch or dinner meal. I’m feeling great after chopping my veggies and eating pasta. Try it today

Get up and Walk | Good Afternoon

Today I woke up with a bolt of energy. I used that energy to make me a protein shake and eggs, do some yoga, and go for a brisk walk. Me and my daughter enjoyed ourselves embracing the nice weather and environment. So much has happened, many battles have been fought for me but I…

Lunch snack attach | TGIF

Protein shake, and delicious snacks to help me power through the rest of my work day. TGIF everyone, stay blessed and stay holistic.

20 min Yoga| Lazy Days , Productive Thoughts

We all need a lazy day. Where we keep a little notebook handy and jot down thoughts, notes, ideas and positive reinforcements to ease our minds while enjoying the day. Fruit is always a great snack on a lazy day. So is Granola Veggie sticks Peanut butter and jelly Almonds Salad Protein shakes Are all…

Join the Party | 4th Vegetarian Style

STIR FRY HOLIDAY SYLE Don’t count yourself out the festivities and don’t go buying those vegan products. Make a grilled stir fry with screwed shrimp. Try grilling your pineapple, shrimp and bell pepper before adding them to your rice, onions and mushrooms. Enjoy 😉