Aura | Attract What you Desire Pt.3 | Outwit the Enemy

Energy is everything. Even your subconscious energy has an effect on the universe.

  • Frowns
  • Worry
  • Frustration

All bring negative energy. Ever been in a bad mood and the day just seemed to follow suite, that’s the universe.

I was listening to Napoleon Hill one of my favorite authors, he was speaking on energy, actions and attraction, it got me thinking what more I can do to attract the things I desire

  • Wake up optimistic
  • Yoga daily, stop forgetting and making excuses
  • Remove those that are negative and unproductive
  • Focus more on me

In doing this things I’m telling the universe I desire not only to me happy, but also that I accept what I have and who I am; but willing to work harder for the things I desire to achieve and obtain…

Try it today, here is a clip of Napoleon Hill

Outwitting the Devil

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