Attract What you desire Part 2. | Chakra Cleansing | 8= New beginning

I am a firm believer in the powers of the universe. I believe that negative energy is powerful and what you speak and think into the universe is returned 10 fold. In that I do my best to wake up positive and keep that energy; however I have been failing. Like many others I’m stressed, over worked, and upset my focus can’t be on my dreams as much as I would like. I asked myself today why aren’t I attracting what I desire.

1. I’m off Balance

    My 7 chakras are fighting shading each other instead of working together.

2. I am not focused on the right things, all I see is doubt

  • The lack of focus causes negative energy, and doubt, bringing more bad than good to my life.

3. Fear of failure

  • Fear is the biggest headache of them all, fear will stop you in your tracks and make you stagnant


First thing first; cleansing the 7 chakras. No activity will ever be fruitful if your energy is bad.

Seated outside on your yoga mat or even in bed if it’s raining where you are:

    Step 1 : leave the drama, ego and pain at the door we are here to eliminate that
    Step 2: “OM”
    Inhale peace (palms together center of chest)
    Exhale tension (palms together above your head)

Do this sequence for 8 min for new beginning, until Peace has engulfed you. Each minute represents a milestone you will overcome and a trait you will attract or enhance.

Once you are finished follow this with the following poses to complete the cleansing process of each chakra. Hold each pose for at least 30 seconds; Thinking positive, controlling your breathing. Hold for 8 count & Repeat 8 times, for new beginning.

  • Mountain pose (root chakra)
  • Revolved triangle pose (sacral Chakra)
  • Boat pose ( solar plexus)
  • Low lunge (heart chakra)
  • Easy pose (throat chakra) – speaking positive affirmations
  • Dolphin Pose (third eye)
  • Balancing butterfly (crown chakra)

Once done, follow this by writing out your goals or any ideas. Clarity should become you, if not repeat the sequence again. Draw in the powers of the universe.

I will post a video of these poses in my next post. Happy cleansing.

Part 3 coming at 8am Sunday June 9th

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