I’ll workout Literally ANYWHERE | Leg Day

I will literally workout anywhere, even at work. My boss added a treadmill to the office, which is new to me due to i avoid running. Don’t get me wrong running is a fast way to get lean, to loss weight and is great for your heart, but I prefer other forms of cardio. But today I said you know what let’s break the cycle, let’s hop on this treadmill. So I did….

No I didn’t run but I did do a good power work and added squats every 30 seconds or so. This supper set is great for your

  • Legs
  • Flutes
  • Hamstrings

I will literally workout anywhere. Join me, ask your boss if your able to add simple workout equipment to your job site like

  • Jump ropes
  • Yoga balls
  • Resistance bands

And encourage your coworkers to get fit.

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