Say it With Your Chest | Tuesday Transformation | UpperBody Appreciation

I don’t know about you but my upper body is weaker than an over cooked noddle. So weak that days I wear long sleeve in the summer to avoid people from seeing the bones in my chest. But I refuse to continue this cycle, but confidence and eating isn’t all that I need. I also need a dope chest routine. It must be fast, effective and bring results.

Let’s try this today and see how we feel. We will make adjustments as needed on our next chest routine on Friday.

  • 4 sets of 15 rest for 3-5 min then repeat, add 10 min of cardio if your looking to loss weight. Add weights or hold each rep for 3 seconds at peak if your looking to gain mass.

Workout 🏋️‍♀️

  1. Shoulder shrugs
  1. Dumbbell chest press
  1. Shoulder taps
  1. Good old fashioned diamond push ups

Here are some examples and a few other upper body exercises to try

Upper Body Workouts

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