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I took a day for me and my family today. Purposely leaving my phone at home and the troubles. I needed time to clear my head and revamp myself because if I don’t; I’m going to lose it.

We have to realize early when we are falling and the resting why. Stress and worries lead to unhealthy eating habits, less workouts and less time being productive. A great way to regain self is through things like SELF DAYS.

  • Me and my daughter relax
  • I cook less but healthy
  • I do light yoga
  • go to the walk
  • jog
  • write

I know my troubles aren’t gone, but for me to handle them better and to approach them with a positive mindset…

I must regroup.

Intense east Pose

Yoga is so amazing, it truly does replenish the soul. Try this pose today “intense east pose”

  • Strengthens shoulders, arms, and back
  • Builds core strength
  • Releases tension
  • Relives stress
  • Relieves fatigue

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      Thank you


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