No Days Off | It’s only Tuesday | You Got This | Motivation!

I was talking to my sister and she kept repeating “it’s only Monday sis, it’s only Monday”… and I couldn’t help but agree with her. I had a long day at work, my daughter had an accident at daycare, I still needed to go to the meat market and pick up my fiancé from work. My legs hurt and my sister was reminding me of the days ahead… I had to snap out of it


I told my sister let’s do some jumping jacks And squats; 2 sets of 10 something quick and light.

She quickly agreed.

My sister is a health nut as well; she didn’t mind getting down and dirty at any time when it came to working out.

We soon began to become positive, uplifted and ready for our task. We said a quick prayer which helped even more and completed with a few laughs.

Positive energy is contagious, spread your unique Ray of positive vibes. I know the weekend seems far, you may have a lot to do, finals,, prom, graduation and more can all be stressful but find the positive in it all. Think of the memories you are creating and the path you are setting for yourself and others.

Yoga in the workplace

I have a desk position though often I am on my feet picking up computers, managing clients and their projects and installing software and hardware there are periods where I am strictly at my desk answering calls and emails.

Staying active is very important due to things like arthritis, poor circulation and minor aches and pains can come from being in the same position all day.

Know no matter what challenges and successes await us this week, we got this. We are positive, healthy and determined to make a difference nin ourselves.

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