Gluten Free Allergy | Delicious/ Healthy | Great for Kids too

Having any type of food restriction is a bummer;m. Finding out I have a high allergy to gluten really told me I had to make some major adjustments. I was in and out the hospital, getting procedures done that weren’t so fun.

I decided to

  1. Did some research
  2. Speak with a healer at a natural healing shop
  3. Gather up a few items (a few items from each section on Dr. Sebi gluten free list, probiotics, water of course, etc)
  4. Get to cooking

No time like the present to change my eating habits fit my daughters sake and my own. She is now 14 months today and I must say she has surpassed my every expectation. Bright, gifted and pushes me to a new level. We are moving soon and we both are ready for this positive change.

Like most mothers we try not to leave the little ones out when it comes to meals. What we eat, we will alter in anyway to not let baby feel left out. This meal allows the whole family to enjoy together and mom has to little work to alter it for babies liking.

    Rice and lentils with veggies a great gluten free meal that can be used for lunch or a side to chicken breast for dinner.
    I cook my rice, lentils and veggies separate; them combine.
    Seasonings: garlic, chicken stock, pepper
  • For babies around 10 + months you can cook grind this up into a smooth paste with chicken broth
    For babies who have teeth and are feeding them selves, ensure the texture of the broccoli is correct and cooked all the way through, and give to baby as you feed them the rice and lentils


Author: The Healn’ Experience

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

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