So I’m minding my own business, chilling with my guy and BAM… I’m sick, I don’t mean a little tummy ache. I’m talking full blown ruin the mood throwing up, body aches, a horrible migraine and muscle pain (Shakes head)… the dreaded Fibromyalgia… I mean come on now, one night off and this what happens. But I ignored the signs.

  • Frustration
  • Doubt
  • Thinking about my mother a lot with Mother’s Day being tomorrow
  • Lack of sleep
  • 2 break nervous break downs all because my hair wasn’t acting right On
  • Barely eating
  • … along with reading a upsetting entry from a novel I am editing

(remember we draw a line through the negative, we gave it enough attention when we wrote it. We cross it out to let the universe know we are removing these things from our life)

I was leaning over the toilet; now praying for this to be over. When I should have been meditating, doing yoga, relaxing and reassuring myself; I was allowing things to overwhelm me. I caused my own issue so the question is what am I going to do about it and what am I going to alter to prevent it from happening again?

  • Stop focusing on what’s not there/overthinking
  • Allow time to work on self and not so much on others projects
  • Positive thoughts and memories
  • Let it go! Let it go
    Eat properly
    Yoga and meditation
    Remove people who do not understand or practice positivity

Holistic healing is Healing through Realizing the signs and altering your behavior by adding habits such as Yoga, meditation, oils, herbs, and alternative healing. Which will bring progress and that’s what we want. Progress means less flare ups and less situations of not knowing what to do. You never know you may be able to help someone else with what you have found out about you.

Happy flare Saturday everyone, smile, I’m fighting right along side with you, we got this.

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