You Can

Morning Mantra

I am Strong and have all the resources to be my greatest self”

I forgive my past and my past forgives me….

I am grateful for who I am and determined to overcome any obstacle

I have an abundance of love and my love is appreciated

Sometimes we forget to tell ourself and those we care about that we are here for them, they are strong enough and that their purpose is much bigger than the pain of today.

Pain has a way of lingering, it likes to hide in cracks and small places even when happiness is present. Pain in the smallest form disrupts a whole mood, ex: stub a toe. I bet you told every person you talked to, bet it even changed your mood for the day.

Now add losing your job, loved one, stress, traffic, people and more and see how hard it is to not yell, better yet not be overwhelmed in so much thought that you become silent…. allowing your insides to reflect your troubled mind…

Ever wonder why your stomach hurts randomly. Maybe it’s because of your thoughts. Negative thinking, stress, depression are all things we battle with. I personally lost both of my parents recently, I had a crazy childhood, my teenage years weren’t great, I’ve been homeless, stayed in shelters, been beaten, raped, not to mention the everyday relationship stress, overwhelming job, I suffer from fibromyalgia, ulcers and the list can go on. Therapy and medication is a way to handle it all. But there are many resources and healing places you can explore alone or along side of those options.

I crossed out my pains, stresses and issues above for a reason. Because I gave them enough power by writing them I refuse to let them manifest any further. Two of the three of key factors in overcoming anything is 1. Realizing the signs and 2. Seeing the signs and not allowing them to manifest or turn into temptation.

I am all into holistic healing, health and living. These alternative options in my opinion (these are all options even therapy, it’s all a personal choice and opinion on what works, what matters is results) are the best, have less side affects, are easier to track and easier to follow with a already active lifestyle.

Negative attitudes and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness can create chronic stress, which upsets the body’shormone balance, depletes the brain chemicals required for happiness, and damages the immune system. Chronic stress can actually decrease our lifespan.

There are days I wake up in a horrible mode, in unbearable pain and mind going slower that a turtle; but I get up.

There are moments my body weakens when I thought I felt great. My head begins to hurts, my meds are low And my tummy begins to ache; but I push forward.

Not because bragging about being independent is fun, because we all need help. Not because people are watching, or because pity is fun. But because

I want to prove my inner negative energy wrong.

Ways to get ride of depression. Now these are practices, meaning they must be implemented daily to show results. Pick a few that fit your lifestyle and stay dedicated.

Dedication is the third main factor in overcoming anything. Once you know 1. the signs 2. once you don’t allow them to manifest, lastly 3. you must stay dedicated in what works in keeping flare ups are bay. Because they will come back. Test days I call them, but knowing what works makes test days easy.

  • List your skills, choose one for the week to master
  • Read 2-3 times a day for 15-30 mins
  • Yoga
  • Workout
  • Meditation
  • find 2 things that stress you out, and make 3 -4 points to change them, then put it away. We will pick it up later. If you can’t the action (such as death) how can you change your reaction.
  • CBD bath
  • Essential oils on temples or burning sage
  • Draw, paint, sculpt or knit
  • Set 3 task and get them done. Do not dedicate to anything that takes more that today to complete

Again I know it’s hard; but avoid

  • Social media
  • Sitting alone
  • Negative thoughts
  • Foods such as: soda
  • Link to 15 ways to avoid depression

Everyday is an opportunity. Seek it, take hold out and utilize its time. Do the the things those who have past can’t. Do what others think your not capable of and surpass your own expectations. I believe you can.

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