New Schedule announcement

With my daughter getting older, summer Approaching and as I seek new opportunities my fitness schedule has changed at this time. It’s a little weird but Im willing to make the time if you are. I am accepting new clients:

Current Openings

Monday – Wednesday: appointment Only must book 72 hours (3days) in advance

Thursday & Friday: anytime after 1pm must book 48 hours (2days) in advance

Weekends: 24/7, just call or text for openings

If you do not show up, you may not book again for 2 weeks. Please only book if you are serious.

Take advantage of my special until March 20th, a 25$ value only for $1!!!

👑Workout session

👑 Fitness Consultation + Guide

🧘‍♀️Yoga session

👑 Nutrition Consultation + Guide

🔥Healing Session

🔥 Holistic Session

💕 Better Living Session + Guide

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