Day 7 Power Workout

Its day 7 of the Self Challenge So you know I had to drop a full routine! I’m sick with a horrible ulcer and a fibromyalgia flare up but I’m fighting through it. Using my inner powers to show this disease who is boss.!!

Today is all about power! Tag me in your videos and pics!!

1. Always meditate and stretch before a workout no matter how short or complex

2. Clean your area and setup

3. Turn on a playlist that you love (no stopping to skip tracks)

4. stay hydrated & Keep water nearby

Power Workout

• Low lunge with arch – 15 second hold/ 3 times

• Squat hold with no support, 10 pd weight – 30 sec hold/ 3 times

• One leg elevated squat with 10pd Weight – 10 reps each leg 3 times

• Side squat walk – 30 seconds/ 3 times

• Plank to Spider-Man squat – 10 reps/ 3 times

• Music: Isley brothers: choosey lover, Jhene Aiko – sativa, kelly price: friend of mine & Casedi: taken

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