Challenge Self to Achieve pt.2

Today is all about achieving.

Yoga pose: crow pose

Workout: push ups (150)

Chakra: Throat

Dinner: Dish 3: Rice noodles (I didn’t make it yesterday)

Stones in the picture: Blue Calcite, Sodalite & Amazonite


Throat Chakra

Location:neck and shoulders

Purpose: expressing self and knowing your truth

Color: blue

Element: Akasha

Animal: Bull

Signs root chakra is blocked: sore throat, thyroid issues, nervousness, issues communicating

Stones for Healing your Throat chakra: Amazonite, Lapis lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine

Foods: blueberries, blackberries, teas, raw honey

Center/ heal your throat plexus chakra the following:

try an upper body workout


Acknowledge and express your truths (let it out, be honest and clear)

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