“I Don’t Have Time”!

I asked 100 people

“what is stopping you from reaching your goals”;

90% of the people I encountered said


That got me to thinking, why do so many think when it comes to reaching their goals Time is the issue. The issue it’s time it’s our thinking. The moment you put a limitation on your goals, they become harder to reach. Why stop your FYNE when you can make FYNE work for you. In just 15 min you can become energized, Be one step closer to your goals and you can say you made a stride towards better or keeping good health.

This quick workout is good to get your heart rate up and to get your body ready for the day. It’s also a workout for when your feeling low on fuel. Follow up with a protein shake, chicken salad and or granola bar.

15 min Full Body Circuit

– Jumping lunges 2 x 25

– Incline chest press 2 x 25

– Angled push ups 2 x 15

– Full body crunches (I will post a video of these)

– cool down : jump rope or jog 3-5 min ❤️

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