Power in the Sky

Super Blood Wolf Moon is a super moon.  meaning wishes, spells and healing rituals are more potent during this time. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, but be sure you mean what you say and are willing to put in all the effort needed to obtain that goal/s. Events like this are very significant and your energy should be used wisely. Be careful with your thoughts and words for they far more powerful.


Here is a Chakra ritual to align yourself and to ask the universe for your desires

  • candles
  • paper
  • colored pens or color pencils 
  • lighter/matches
  • positive attitude
  • healing crystals
  • bowl with warm water 
  • yoga mat
  1. Obtain your Chakra candles or align 7 candles (one for each Chakra) on your yoga mat in front of you while you are sitting Indian style.
  2. Light each candle
  3. In a small bowl wash your hands and your crystals (if you do not have any please still wash your hands)
  4. Write out your desires and a list of your good qualities.
    1. color coordinate them to the following and place next to each chakra- money = green, romantic = red, healing = blue, creativity =orange, happiness =yellow, release of bad energy = purple, clarity/focus = indigo?
  5. Place the wish/goal next to the corresponding candle.
  6. Sitting Indian style on your yoga mat in front of your candles, place your hands palms up on your knees. Close your eyes and become aware of your breath.
  7. Breath in deep, Bringing your awareness to the top of your head (your light starts here), and slowly down through the rest of your chakras. Exhale, bringing your breath to front of your body, through your arms, to your throat and back out the top of your head. Exhale all negativity and ill emotions.
  8. Each breath in carry’s life, vitality, energy and love. Repeat 8 times. 1 for each chakra and a final time for a new beginning. On your final breath you should  slowly and consciously,  begin to feel the energy moving in your body.
  9. You are now healed and aligned. Now purse the goals you have written.

A great guide to knowledge on your Chakras, all the crystals and their properties click the link: Healing Guide

Author: The Healn’ Experience

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

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