Lose vs Gain

We all have body goals, regardless if it’s to lose weight, gain or maintain; the ultimate goal being and remaining healthy in the journey. Good health is a never ending battle, as new restaurants, food and temptations appear. This healthy food list is sure to give you a piece of mind.

Healthy Weight gain foods:

⁃ avocado

⁃ Rice

⁃ Eggs

⁃ Oats

⁃ Quinoa

⁃ Red meat

⁃ Potatoes

⁃ Salmon

Healthy Weight lose foods

⁃ lemons

⁃ Leafy greens

⁃ Broccoli

⁃ Cauliflower

⁃ Cabbage

⁃ Chicken breast

⁃ Apple cider vinegar

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