Mad FYNE Routine day 20

Mad FYNE Routine : start every day with balance and positive energy!

Breakfast ideas:

eggs and toast


Oatmeal & fruit

Cereal and fruit

Try a combo of 2-3 if these workouts for 10 min of cardio:

⁃ treadmill

⁃ jump rope

⁃ Run

⁃ Jumping jack

⁃ Aerobics

⁃ Power walk

⁃ Stair climber

20 min workout (to tone, add weight and hold each rep for 5 sec) (to lose weight less recovery time and more reps)

squats 4×25 ( wide)

Squats 4×25 (closed)

Crunches 4×2

Calves raises 3×30

Planks 4 x 1 min hold

10 min warm down yoga

⁃ downward dog

⁃ Warrior 1

⁃ Warrior 2

⁃ Warrior 3

⁃ Triangle pose

⁃ Child pose

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