30 day MADNESS Mad FYNE EDITION day 14


We all should have a morning routine. Before you pick up your phone, before you start thinking about work or school; you should bring your mind body and soul into focus. A routine not only keeps you disciplined but also helps with timing. Ever say “I woke up late” ever feel stuck, or off balanced; it’s probably because you haven’t put a routine into place. Routines don’t have to be boring; they must be effective.

I work my way backwards but you can customize this plan to your liking

E: prayer and meditation: Start your day with positive affirmations, speaking to your higher power and centering yourself

N: M.F balance smoothie: this smoothie has 7 servings of fruit and veggies and taste amazing

Y: – standing half moon pose (10 sec hold)

⁃ Chair pose (10 sec hold)

⁃ Forward fold pose (15 sec hold)

⁃ Low lunge pose (15 sec hold)

⁃ Happy baby pose (15 sec hold)

⁃ Flip the dog pose (15 sec hold)

F: – jumping jacks (2×25)

⁃ alternating lunges (2×20)

⁃ Standing side kicks (2×20)

⁃ Lying hip raises (2×25)

I hope this routine jump starts your day like it does mine. P.s sorry for my sloppy hand writing in the pic, I’m at work ❤️)

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